You should read this before comparing loans with loan brokers

Good Finance is a new loan broker in our list of private loans. At this loan broker you can apply for loans from USD 20,000 up to USD 400,000. It becomes just a credit report and you compare them to several banks for you and generate the lowest interest rate for you.

The service is completely free at the time of writing and you do not commit to anything by using it. From the interest rate you will find in the list above. However, as usual, the interest rate is set individually.

Collect loans from a loan broker


You can also collect loans and credits with them. What you use then is their private loan. So you simply apply for a regular private loan and pay off your expensive loans. Unfortunately, many believe that you apply for collateral loans and then they solve everything. But you get the loans in your account and then you pay off all your small and expensive loans.

The test of best loan brokers

Best loan brokers is a guide where we together with our visitors will select the best of all loan brokers. We do this through, among other things, ratings, ratings and leaderboards. Go into the best loan broker’s guide to know exactly how things are going. We think it is a must to visit that guide before borrowing money through any loan broker.

Compare up to 30 private loans for free

Compare up to 30 private loans for free

Good Finance is a loan broker that compares over 20 private loans to each other when you submit an application. The big advantage is that Good Finance only takes a single UC instead of one per bank which it would have been if you compared yourself. With too many UC’s, it will be more difficult to borrow money and in addition you will not often get worse interest rates then.

The guide is our home page for everything we write about loan brokers Good Finance. A must read if you are considering borrowing money through the loan broker. You will find reviews and ratings from other visitors. You will find which banks Good Finance cooperates with and compare. And the editorial review after following Good Finance since they were founded.

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